Floating the Eagles

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin and courtesy of Sunwolf
November, 2015 Vol. 20, No. 2

Waiting to board raft

Waiting to board raft

Butt entrenchment! “Most definitely” according to guide and Sunwolf owner Jake Freese. It’s much preferable to a foot trapped in rocks or debris on the bottom of Cheakamus River’s flowing waters. We have come to North America’s bald eagle capital, a place not far from Whistler, British Columbia, where almost 4,000 eagles winter. Continue reading »

Cultural Routes of El Salvador

Text by Mary L. Peachin with photos by David Lovitt

October, 2015, Volume 20, No. 1

Turismo Somos Todos Y Es Tarea de Todos is “everyone’s challenge.” –Anonymous

El Salvador Nahuízalco man with iguana David Lovitt

El Salvador Nahuízalco man with iguana David Lovitt

El Salvador, Country of Eternal Smiles, is Central America’s smallest, most densely populated republic. Best known for its Sunzal and Punta Roca surfing destinations and Costa del Sol and Cóbanos sport fishing, traveling between states, known as departments, usually involves “only forty minutes” of travel. Continue reading »

Hiking among Komodo Dragons

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

September, 2015, Vol. 19, No. 12

Indonesia Komodo dragon - Mary L Peachin

Indonesia Komodo dragon – Mary L Peachin

Biting to kill, once the komodo dragon gets a taste of blood, it is impossible to separate it from its prey. Venom in its toxic saliva creates a deadly bacterial infection, one that kills slowly. Once the prey dies, the komodo will devour every morsel, even the hide. The world’s largest monitor lizard has no predators. Continue reading »

Adventuring in Beijing

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

August, 2015 Vol. 19, No. 11

Beijing Badaling , Great Wall of China - Mary L Peachin

Beijing Badaling, Great Wall of China – Mary L Peachin

Beijing’s Panjiayuan outdoor market was crowded that weekend morning. Aisles were crammed with shoppers who were busily bargaining for jade bracelets, silk material, artwork, cloisonné, and a myriad of other goods. Any query was responded by a simple means of communication, the thrust of a calculator showing the “asking price.” Handed the device, it was appropriate to haggle or counter, and then walk away. Typically, if the vendor wants to make the sale, they will follow you. Beyond the confines of our St. Regis hotel, little English is spoken in Beijing.

Needing a bathroom break, I wandered into the restroom. Perplexed, I pondered as I straddled a sloped ceramic tile. Which direction should my feet face? Unlike previous experiences, this local version or “hole in the ground” toilet actually flushed. This eliminated most of the odoriferous aspect to the experience. Continue reading »