Iceland’s Winter Secrets and Thorrablöt Festival

Text and photos by Yvette Cardozo
February, 2015, Vol. 19, No. 5

09 Reykjavik Waterfront

“They really didn’t pee on the shark. It only smells that way,” the chef was telling me as I peered dubiously at a bowl of white cubes amid the pile of curious Icelandic munchies on a wooden tray.

Nothing is more dear to an Icelander than food and in February, after a damp, dark winter where genetic instinct has been screaming, “eat!!!” it all comes to a head in the frenzy of the Thorrablöt festival. Outsiders have to be a bit adventurous for Thorrablöt but to a local, this month of gorging on old Viking food is nothing less than treasured history. Continue reading »

Prince Edward Island’s Prized Seafood: Oysters, Lobster, and Musselss

Vol.19, No.4

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

Colville Bay Malpeque Oysters

Colville Bay Malpeque Oysters

Prince Edward Island’s Bay, specifically Area PE5A Colville, appears like any other body of saltwater. Who would know that thirty acres, fronting the Flynn’s home, offers the ultimate water temperature and a sandy ocean bottom, both prime prerequisites for harvesting PEI’s tastiest Malpeque oyster. Larger and bolder than Kusshis, Malpeque’s are light-bodied, with a brilliant balance of sweetness and brine. Continue reading »

The Lighting of Medellín’s El Alumbrado

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

December, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 3

Christmas lights along  Medellin River

Christmas lights along Medellin River

In Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia, frequently referred to as the City of the Eternal Spring, Christmas is the most celebrated festival of the year. Throughout the month of December, two and a half million residents revel nightly while admiring more than twenty seven million Christmas lights. Street vendors line streets, there are free nightly concerts, kid- friendly exhibits, cultural events, and plenty of photograph opportunities.

Continue reading »

Scuba Diving in Santa Marta, Colombia

Text by Mary L. Peachin with photos by Mary L. Peachin and Diego Ávila

November, 2014, Vol. 19. No. 2

Flamingo tongue on sea Diego Avila

Flamingo tongue on sea fan Diego Avila

Do you love searching for the deadly blue ring octopus, a fully exposed flat-headed stargazers, the ultimate frizzy “bad hair day” bright-orange hirsute frogfish, a crab fest between an orange and purple decorator crab carrying a live urchin, or perhaps a mimic or red octopus, abundant, colorful soft and hard coral? If so, then you are as a spoiled scuba diver like me. Colombia can’t compete with Indonesia’s underwater diversity, but the country can. And, if you are looking for a quick trip, same day flight, one that is cheaper and faster than going to the Northern Caribbean, Colombia is a great option. Continue reading »