Hanoi’s Old Quarter Street Eats

text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

March, 2014    Vol. 18, No. 7

Hanoi culinary tour dried beef salad

Dried beef salad

The first caution ingrained in every traveler, “Don’t drink the water, eat unpeeled fruit or vegetables, and never buy food from street vendors.” I bluntly asked guide Windy Phong, “Are we going to get sick?”

He explained “Not with me, I only go to places that are clean.” We had to place our trust in Windy, an experienced Tours by Local guide, who serves as a consultant and culinary advisor for Chef Martin Yan, a television host of Yan Cook. Windy worked with the Chef on his Taste of Vietnam program which showcased a combination of fresh ingredients influenced by Vietnamese, French, and Chinese cuisine. Continue reading »

West Coast Fishing Club’s Salmon Fishing

West Coast Fishing Club Lori Mackstaller driving Boston Whaler Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

March, 2014, Vol. 18, No. 6

Double, double, eagle! Say what? We aren’t talking golf here. No, this is West Coast Fishing Club sport fishing on British Columbia’s northernmost island, Langara, in Haida Gwaii. Continue reading »

Misadventures on a Finnish Reindeer Sled

Text and photos by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

February, 2014 Vol. 18, No. 5

A one deer open sleigh in Lapland

A one deer open sleigh in Lapland

Reindeer – or at least the one pulling my sled – are built for comfort, not for speed. Driving a reindeer sled at a leisurely pace through the frozen fens of northern Finland gave me plenty of time to consider the differences between this ride and the more breathtaking moments of traveling behind a team of excited huskies. Of course, there were six dogs pulling the sled, and only one reindeer. Continue reading »

Family Fun in Tofino

Text and photos by Mary L. Peachin

January, 2014 Vol. 18, No. 4

0Long Beach Lodge 2013 Peachin family surfing Zach

Long Beach Lodge 2013 Peachin family surfing Zachary

We were looking for a great family vacation. Activities for everyone,  space, the freedom to each do our own thing, and a Northwest destination that was puppy friendly.  One idea that surfaced was a cruise. Without disparaging cruise lines, we weren’t keen to go on the most appropriate: a Disney

 cruise with our daughter, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Yes, a five and eight year old on a cruise ship would give us more freedom and “space”, but, to put it simply,  we are not a cruising family.

Continue reading »