Iceland’s Winter Secrets and Thorrablöt Festival

Text and photos by Yvette Cardozo
February, 2015, Vol. 19, No. 5

09 Reykjavik Waterfront

“They really didn’t pee on the shark. It only smells that way,” the chef was telling me as I peered dubiously at a bowl of white cubes amid the pile of curious Icelandic munchies on a wooden tray.

Nothing is more dear to an Icelander than food and in February, after a damp, dark winter where genetic instinct has been screaming, “eat!!!” it all comes to a head in the frenzy of the Thorrablöt festival. Outsiders have to be a bit adventurous for Thorrablöt but to a local, this month of gorging on old Viking food is nothing less than treasured history. Continue reading »

Dubai….More than Glass and Mirrors

Text and photos by Yvette Cardozo July, Vol. 18, No. 11

Dubai: Yvette Cardozo: Dubai skyline

Dubai: Yvette Cardozo: Dubai skyline

Dubai really does look like some sci-fi writer’s city of the future. But it’s with good reason. In only a few decades, the modern city sprang from the desert.It gleams and sparkles with buildings of glass and steel, some that soar, lean, bulge, twist and fold, often seeming to defy gravity.

All that’s missing are the jet packs and hovercraft. Continue reading »

Scuba Diving in Remote Kosrae

Text by Yvette Cardozo with photos by Yvette Cardozo, Kosrae Village Resort, Kosrae Nautilus Resort, and Tim Rock

December, 2013 Vol. 18, No. 3

KOSRAE_NAUTILUS_RESORT_anemone fish in an anemoneIf you’ve never heard of Kosrae, it’s not surprising.

It’s the easternmost of the 607 islands dotted across a million square miles of ocean that make up the Federated States of Micronesia (called simply, FSM). It truly is in the middle of nowhere …. 2,800 miles southwest of Hawaii, 1,500 miles east of Guam and a scant five degrees north of the Equator.  Though many islands in this part of the world are flat atolls, Kosrae (pronounced ko-shrye) has tall serrated mountains and looks like a mini Hawaii or Tahiti. It’s tiny, shaped like a triangle and barely 15 miles across at its widest. But it also has to compete with its better known island cousins, Palau, Yap and Chuuk (formerly known as Truk). Continue reading »

Bethlehem– Away from the Manger

Text and photos by Yvette Cardozo

November, 2012, Vol. 17. No 2

 ISRAEL Cardozo - Outdoor nativity scene

ISRAEL Cardozo – Outdoor nativity scene

The rental car is safely back without a scratch and filled with gas. So the story can be told. We were SUPPOSED to drive to the main checkpoint leading into Bethlehem on the West Bank, the Arab section of Israel.

Before 2000 … before the second intifada and its terrorist bombings, you could drive unhindered between the Jewish and Arab districts of Israel along the edge of Jerusalem. But now there is this wall. And security gates. And you are not supposed to take an Israeli rental car across.

Continue reading »