Mary’s Favorites

Discover Mary’s choice of special destinations, spas, cuisine signatures, and incredible guides. None of her choices know  that they are being selected. Decades of international travel to all seven continents qualify Mary’s taste in selecting and sharing the outstanding. Click each category to view.


During the past twenty years, we have traveled with hundreds of guides as we bicycled, scuba dived, fished, hiked, and enjoyed a variety of other adventures around the globe. We have had many great guides, ones that we truly appreciated, yet the following, based on their knowledge of the country, culture, and environment, are those that Peachin & Peachin considers to be the very best of the best.

Inns and Ranches

Our favorite and reccomended tours.


We have stayed in many wonderful hotels, inns, ranches, and bed and breakfast places. These following have been recommended because of their intimacy and appeal to the discriminating traveler looking for charm, quiet, and a place to stay that is neither commercial or corporate.