During the past twenty years, we have traveled with hundreds of guides as we bicycled, scuba dived, fished, hiked, and enjoyed a variety of other adventures around the globe. We have had many great guides, ones that we truly appreciated, yet the following, based on their knowledge of the country, culture, and environment, are those that Mary Peachin considers to be the very best of the best.

Ken Richardson


Ken Richardson’s knowledge of Yukon Territory’s fish, their favorite flies, and the best fishing techniques to use make this Inconnu Lodge guide one of the very best.
Captain Dave Kostyo

Captain Dave Kostyo operates fishing charters for sailfish, kingfish, tarpon and dolphin on his 28-foot “Knot Nancy.” Try a Miami double-header by fishing the Gulfstream for sailfish then drifting beach surfs for tarpon. If the fish are biting, Captain Dave will put you on them.

Greg Stathakis

Greg is familiar with every aspect of PNG culture. He can identify the many species of Birds of Paradise as well as the flowers, plants, and insects. Greg has a working knowledge of pidgin and great working relationships in a country  difficult to navigate. He is meticulous in his planning and safety is always foremost in his mind.



Simon Bain

Can this man fish? If you are looking for an expert guide with a bright smile, happy tunes and piercing eyes, one who can cast long and far for bonefish, this is your man. He can spot them a mile away and pole you to them.

Mark McAneeley

Anglers book Mark McAneeley years in advance to guide them salmon fishing at Langara in the Queen Charlottes or steelheading on the Babine at the Silver Hilton Lodge. This master angler oozes enthusiasm to match his talent.

Kathy McAree

Kathy McAree knows her food and wine and cheese.  Her company Travel With Taste offers day and multi-day tours on Vancouver Island. You’ll enjoy Kathy’s enthusiasm as much as the vineyards and cheese makers on the tour.